Guardian Baseball: Giving Back

Guardian Baseball: Giving Back

Guardian Baseball is focused on giving back to others through charity, fundraising and donations. 

While a baseball might only be fist-sized and weigh just over 5 ounces, it’s one of the most powerful connective tissues in the world. Every time two teams play, people are drawn by the gravity of the game, from players to coaches, umpires, parents and fans. 

At Guardian Baseball, we know this boils down to one thing: love. No matter where you come from, who you are or what you believe in, the love of the game brings us all together.

Since our founding in 2017, helping reflect the love of baseball through charity work and fundraising has been a top priority for Guardian Baseball. 

These efforts include:

The Alternative Baseball Organization

The Alternative Baseball Organization (ABO) provides an authentic baseball experience for teens and adults (ages 15+) with autism and other disabilities for physical and social skills enrichment in life on and off the baseball diamond. The games are played using professional rules and they are an opportunity for players to be accepted and encouraged to be the best they can be.

This is a great organization that empowers athletes with autism and other disabilities, and that’s why we teamed up with the Lousiville ABO to donate team helmets, gloves, bags, and other essential equipment. 

To learn more about the ABO or make a donation of your own, visit their website. 

Mayfield, KY Tornado Relief Effort

Guardian Baseball teamed up with with Mark Paul (@mpthree on TikTok ) to lead a relief fundraiser for the Mayfield Area Little League following tornado devastation in December of 2022. 

The fundraiser raised over $2,500 and included gear donations from Easton, Rawlings and True Temper Baseball, who all agreed to donate gear toward the Mayfield Area Little League.

All proceeds went toward the families involved and helping restore the game they love – and therefore a bit of normalcy – to the area impacted.


Toy Drive for Bellewood & Brooklawn

Guardian Baseball partnered with the Wolves Baseball Organization to to lead a toy drive for Bellewood $ Brooklawn around the Christmas season of 2020. 

Collectively, over 3,000 toys were collected and distributed to appreciate households and the drive spread a lot of smiles and seasonal cheer. 

As stated on it’s website, Bellewood & Brooklawn “heals the hearts and minds of Kentucky’s most vulnerable youth and their families. Through a comprehensive continuum of care ranging from in-home services and outpatient care to residential treatment and therapeutic foster care, Bellewood & Brooklawn works to reduce disruption in children’s lives, help them heal from the effects of abuse and neglect, and promote wellbeing among families.”

Fundraiser with Cure Duchenne

For the first two weeks of February 2022, Guardian Baseball donated 10% of website sales to Cure Duchenne (muscular dystrophy). 

Why Cure Duchenne?

Nathan, the nephew of our co-founder Matt Kubancik, has muscular dystrophy, but that hasn’t stopped his love for baseball! Nathan attends the University of Texas, where we met with Guardian Baseball athlete Ivan Melendez to try out some new bats from many top brands and introduce Ivan to Nathan while working to help find a cure.

Thank you, Nathan, for your love of the game and your fight! We look forward to working with Cure Duchenne again in the future. 

To learn more about Cure Duchenne and consider donating, visit their website. 

North Oldham High School Women's Field Hockey Team

Guardian Baseball was the biggest donor to the North Oldham High School Women’s Field Hockey Team of the 2021 – a team that eventually finished 4th in the state.

While we clearly love baseball at Guardian, we also understand and expect athletes to play other sports. Partnering with local sports teams allows us to help athletes of all sports in our community and our state. 

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