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10 Med-Ball Exercises from an MLB All-Star You Can Do At-Home

10 Med-Ball Exercises from an MLB All-Star You Can Do At-Home

While having access to a great gym or weight room can help you take your game to the next level, don’t overlook the power of a home workout.

We recently connected with Matt Joyce, an MLB All-Star and co-owner of Guardian Baseball, to go through a full-body med-ball workout that you can do at home. 

Whether you don’t have gym access or you’re trying to knock out a good training session in a pinch, here is a 10-exercise circuit to help get you in all-star shape.


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First, Get Great Training Apparel for Your Workout

The first step of a good training session is having appropriate apparel to train in. You want your clothing and footwear to be comfortable, breathable, and non-restrictive so your body can move freely and naturally.

Guardian Baseball has a great lineup of training apparel options for men, women, and youth. Whether you’re a USSSA baseball player, a college athlete, or even an enthusiastic parent, we have you covered. 

Pro-Tip: if you’re training on astroturf, turf shoes are a must-have. They give you great support, traction, and allow for better response in footwork drills.

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The 10 Exercise Med Ball Circuit

Ready to train? Here is Matt Joyce’s Med Ball Circuit. Do these exercises in order with a 25-second rest in between, and repeat 3 for three rounds. Rest for 90 seconds between rounds. 

Looking for a demonstration? Matt Joyce made videos to demonstrate!

1. Alternating Med-Ball Push-Ups

Get in pushup position with the med ball under one hand. Do a pushup, then roll the ball to your other hand while at the top of your push-up position. Keep your core tight and do as many as you can.

2. Front Med-Ball Slams

In an athletic position with your knees bent, hold the med ball with both hands. Reach up with the ball, extending to get it as high as possible, then slam it down as hard as you can. Catch the ball on the bounce and repeat. Do 10 reps.

3. Side to side Med-Ball Slams

This is a similar exercise in form but works a different part of your core. Repeat the same stance as you did in exercise two, but this time bring the med ball around your body before slamming it down outside of your foot. Catch it, then perform the same motion on the other side of your body. Do 10 reps on each side.

4. Med-Ball Squat Jumps

Perform a basic jump squat with the med ball held at chest-level. Be sure to get a low squat so that you feel the burn by the end of this exercise. Do for 30 seconds. 

5. Med-Ball Reverse Lunges

With the med ball held in the same position, perform a reverse lunge. To do this, extend one leg back and lunge down until one knee gently touches the ground. Be controlled and intentional with this move. Perform 10 reps with each leg. 

6. Med-Ball Lateral Lunges

Again, keeping the ball in the same position, perform a side lateral lunge. As Joyce points out, this is a very important move for baseball when it comes to getting your baseball glove down and fielding a ground ball. Perform 10 reps on each leg.

7. Single Leg RDL (Romanian Deadlift) with a Med-Ball

The Romanian Deadlift might not be quite as common as others on this list, but very important for your legs, and even for sharpening your balance. While standing on one leg (slight bend), bend forward with your torso and lower the med-ball toward the ground while extending your other leg backward. You should feel the burn in your hamstring. Perform 6 - 8 reps per leg.

8. Core Series Med-Ball Wall Slams

Stand about 3-4 feet in front of a wall and face it. Throw the med-ball into the wall from just outside your hip. Switch sides after 10 reps. Then, when finished, turn perpendicular to the wall and perform the same motion. Focus on using your hips and glutes to drive the ball. This will engage your core. Do 10 reps of these, too. 

9. Backside Balance and Reach, Finish with a Med-Ball Slam

With one foot, balance on a balance pad (or a few folded towels if you don’t have one). Extend your other foot toward a wall in a lateral lunge movement, keeping the med-ball held high and across your body. As your foot makes contact, be explosive as you fire the med-ball into the wall. Catch and repeat. Do 10 reps on each side. 

 10. Med-Ball V-Ups

Last, perform a classic V-Up, but with the med-ball held at an extended position. Touch your toes to the med-ball at the top of the V (or get as close at you can), lower your arms and legs, then repeat.  See if you can get 20 reps!

Take your training to the field

The time you spend training will pay off in dividends when you take the field, but to be the best you can be, you also need amazing gear. 

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Be sure to follow our blog and social media channels for more amazing how-to content. Enjoy your new glove, and be sure to come to our Facebook or Instagram with questions and for more advice!