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How to Find The Perfect Baseball Glove with MLB All-Star, Matt Joyce

How to Find The Perfect Baseball Glove with MLB All-Star, Matt Joyce

Shopping for baseball gloves can be overwhelming. With different brands, styles, and webbing options, making the right choice isn’t easy. There are even gloves for different positions!

Guardian Baseball is here to help. We’ve teamed up with Matt Joyce, a 14-year MLB veteran, and the former All-Star shared his tip 5 tips for finding the perfect baseball glove for your game.

But first, let’s look at two of the most common questions about baseball gloves.

What is the best baseball glove?

The best baseball glove for an athlete depends on the athlete. There is no single glove that all baseball players can point to and call it “the best.”

All players have different styles of play, and in the same way, we all need baseball gloves that can match our style. The different factors that influence the glove include size, fit, material, and web style, which is often determined by the player’s position. 

Who makes the best baseball gloves?

In some industries, there is a clear-cut favorite manufacturer. With baseball gloves, there are several baseball glove manufacturers that stand out for their quality, price, and features.

The most well-known maker of Baseball gloves is Rawlings, who is the Official Glove of Major League Baseball. Their Heart of the Hide and Pro Preferred series are possibly the most popular gloves nationwide.

There are other great glove manufacturers, too. Wilson is a very popular manufacturer, particularly the A2000 series gloves. Under Armour gloves are top-quality at a fair price, Easton is a popular selection among baseball and softball players, and several other brands make good gloves for different levels of the game. 

What you need depends on how you play and your experience, but no matter what, Guardian Baseball has the gloves for you. 

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Matt Joyce’s 5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Glove for your game

Now that you have a better feel for the nuances of baseball gloves, it’s time to start shopping for the best glove for you. Who’s better to help with that than a former MLB All-Star?

Here are Matt Joyce’s 5 Tips for finding the right baseball glove for you or your child. 


1. Know your position.

Many athletes or parents who are new to the game of baseball don’t realize one of the most important things about baseball gloves: they’re made for different positions! From web to construction, position-specific gloves are made uniquely. 

Using a pitcher’s glove in the outfield is a lot like trying to cut steak with a bread knife – yes, it could get the job done, but it is far from ideal. To get the most out of the game, your position should align with your glove type. 

There are all kinds of different gloves out there. Infield gloves are a little bit shorter, the outfield gloves are longer and have a deeper pocket.  First baseman and Catchers have their own specific type of mitt, too.

Once you know your position (or the position your child is playing), you’ll be better suited to buy the perfect glove. That said, there are utility gloves that are intended to be versatile in case you’re not sure what position you’ll play. 

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2. Expect quality based on price.

With baseball gloves, you get what you pay for!  Cheaper isn’t always better. If you’re just getting into the game or exploring your child’s interest, then there are some lower-cost options that will work, but if you truly are looking to get the most out of your game you need a quality glove.

What’s the difference? Primarily, you want a glove that you can grow with and mold’s to your hand.  If you invest in a nicer glove, they will take a little longer to break in but they will also last longer.

Also note: if your child is 5-and-under then you can get away with something more low cost because they will barely even be able to squeeze it. 


3. Look good, play good 

If you love the look of your glove, it will improve how you play. Think along the lines of “dress for the job you want.”

Pick a glove that catches your eye and that you’d be proud to wear on the field. In many ways, a glove is the single biggest part of a baseball player’s unique DNA. 

If you’re shopping for a child, let him/her pick out the color scheme. A young athlete that’s excited about the looks of the glove will feel more confident in the game, too.

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4. Break it in.

Don’t forget it’s crucial to break in your baseball glove. If you wouldn’t run a marathon with brand new shoes, you shouldn’t expect to play a game with a brand new baseball glove.

To break in your glove it’s important to spend time working with it when the lights aren’t on. Wear it, squeeze it, shape it, and don’t forget to care for it with the right baseball glove leather conditioners. 

Is your glove too stiff? Don’t worry – that’s very typical at first. If it feels too tight or stiff, wear it and work with it to help break it in.


5. Go to work!

Once you find the perfect glove, it’s time to go to work!  

The best in the world are the best because they do one thing over and over and over, sacrificing other short-term wants for long-term success. Take your glove to practice, wield it as a defensive weapon throughout your career, and focus on getting a little better every day.


Now it’s your turn.

Now that you’re armed with 5 tips for finding the perfect baseball glove, it’s time to go practice what you just learned. 

Good luck finding the right glove for your game, and as a thank you for reading this guide, Guardian Baseball and Matt Joyce have an offer for you…

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Enjoy your new glove, and be sure to come to our Facebook or Instagram with questions and for more advice!