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The Right Gear for Practice & Games (feat. Grayson Knight of Baseball Podcasts Are Fun)

The Right Gear for Practice & Games (feat. Grayson Knight of Baseball Podcasts Are Fun)

At Guardian Baseball, the community is a huge part of what we do. From our athletes to our influencers, and even our customers, we all work toward the same thing: connecting over our love of baseball.


We recently caught up with Grayson Knight, a Guardian Influencer and the thirteen-year-old host of Baseball Podcasts Are Fun, which is available on YouTube and Spotify.


Grayson shared his thoughts on his favorite gear. Here's what he had to say: 

Grayson Knight's Pre-game Packing List

I love baseball. I love playing and I love practicing to get better. But I also like to look good playing baseball. When I go onto a baseball field there are some things I need and I am never without…


The first thing I need is my baseball bag. I have to have all my gear or else I feel like I’m letting my coaches down. You gotta be prepared. In my bag, I always keep two baseball bats, my glove and helmet, batting gloves, training mitt, a few baseballs, a thumb guard, and sliding mitt. Of course, I always have my water and some snacks, too.


One note about my bat and grip…some kids don’t wear batting gloves. You need to have a good bat wrap and I love the feel of Lizard Skins. They have tons of colors and designs also, which is a plus.


On-field Gear for Gameday Action

Once I hit the field, I need to look good on it also. Now that I’m 13, I have my new metal cleats, which help me run faster and dig into the ground more. Playing outfield, speed is an important part of the game so I can track down fly balls and steal bases. Longer cleats help me get more traction on the field.


I always wear wristbands on each arm so that when I sweat, I can easily wipe my forehead and stay cool. When I started playing travel ball, they became part of my uniform at every practice and game.


Because I wear glasses, I can’t wear sunglasses. But when I start wearing contacts, I’m looking forward to wearing some cool shades that won’t cost me or my parents a lot of money. I’ll also be sure to actually wear them and not just have them sit on my hat while I drop easy pop flies.


The last thing I always have, and I see a lot of other players wearing, is my headband. I like to wear mine to keep the hair out of my face and I feel pretty slick when I have it on.


At the end of the day, I still have to put in the work, but I feel like I play better when I look better.


What gear will you wear?

Guardian Baseball wants to send a very special thank you to Grayson Knight for his awesome input on gear. Be sure to check out Baseball Podcasts are Fun on YouTube and Spotify for more from Grayson and his superstar lineup of interviewees.


Whether you're looking for bats, bags, sliding mitts or anything else, Guardian Baseball has you covered. Shop Guardian for all your gameday gear needs.