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Tips for Being a Standout Super Utility Player

Tips for Being a Standout Super Utility Player

It takes a lot of work to be a great baseball player, no matter what position you play. It takes even more work to be great at all the positions, but a few players have the right mix of natural athleticism and work ethic to make it happen.

We recently caught up with Trent Floden, a rising star in Kentucky baseball/ Floden is well-known for being a Super Utility Player, meaning he can play dominate every position on the field.

As a company looking to dominate the game ourselves, we wanted to talk to “Flo” about his secrets. Here are his pointers for standing out at every position. 

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Center Field

To succeed in center field, you nust be an excellent fielder and exceptionally fast. You’ll be asked to cover a lot of ground, and making a great read is critical for getting a jump on fly balls. You have a lot of ground to cover and will need to communicate well with your teammates as you do it. 

Right Field

At college and pro levels, the right fielder has one of the stronger arms on the team because of the long throw to third base. Corner outfielders need to have power at the plate while still being agile and fast in the outfield. This takes a lot of work in the weight room and practicing throwing for both distance and accuracy. 

Left Field

Left fielders need to play excellent outfield defense and thus must be fast and have a great glove. They’ll stay busy, but for good reason. Left fielders anchor and outfield.  

A big part of succeeding in the outfield is having a great glove. Here are some outfield gloves to consider. 


Great pitchers can not only throw the ball well, but they can all be specific with their location. One of the biggest things about being a pitcher is mental toughness. You’ll be in the spotlight during your time on the mound so you must be prepared to handle high-pressure situations.  

First Base

When you’re at first, you are the busiest infielder. To prepare for this, always stay prepared and locked in on every play. You’re involved in most of the action so staying alert at all times is critical.

Second Base

A second baseman needs to be quick with their feet. When it comes time to turn a double play, being quick is key to making it happen – you have to be as efficient with your moves as possible. 

Short Stop

You have a lot of range as a shortstop. This position is widely thought of as a team leader. Learning the position can take some time, but as you learn how to make smart plays and lead the team, you’ll be learning every other position along the way. When you’re on short, you need to be dialed into the baserunner’s position probably more than any other single position. 



Third Base

To succeed on third, you need to be a complete athlete. Reaction time is huge when playing third base – they call it the “hot corner” for a reason. Against a right-handed hitter, you should stay closer to the foul line and against a left-handed batter you’ll need to shade closer toward second base. 

Are you ready to dominate all parts of the game?

Whether you prefer Easton, Rawlings, Guardian Baseball, or other brands, we have gear that works with you. No matter what you’re looking for, the Guardian Baseball team has the gear to help you dominate the game at all levels.