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What Are Turf Shoes and Why Do You Need Them?

What Are Turf Shoes and Why Do You Need Them?

A popular trend is sweeping across the country and changing baseball fields: turf.

More and more fields are being made out of synthetic grass. It’s easier to maintain, and it can make for a better playing experience, too – at least according to some athletes.

And while the game is largely played the same way on grass or turf, the footwear changes. Turf shoes replace metal cleats in these situations. 

If you’re looking for turf shoes or just want the inside scoop on the new baseball trend, we have you covered with all the info you need and our own Guardian Baseball BOLT turf shoes.


What are baseball turf shoes?

Turf shoes look almost exactly the same as baseball shoes as far at the uppers of the shoes go. The only difference is the bottom sole.

While cleats have – you guessed it – cleats to give the athlete traction, turf shoes have more shallow, nobs across the sole of the shoe. These can dig into the turf and give players support for multidirectional bursts while also being easier to manage and adjust to than cleats. 

Compared to metal cleats, which are worn by baseball players in high school and up, turf shoes reduce the risk of injuring opponents, too. 

guardian baseball bolt turf shoes turf cleats

Where can you wear turf shoes?

Turf shoes can be worn anywhere you practice or play baseball or softball. You can wear them for baseball lessons, baseball camps, in batting cages, pre-game warm-up, in-game, strength and training, and even general conditioning work.

In short, they’re athletic shoes that should give you improved response and performance on and flat surface – they don’t have to be exclusively worn on turf. When they are worn on turf, however, they give the player a competitive advantage.

4 Reasons to Wear Turf Shoes

Better Safety 

Some of the most brutal baseball injuries are caused by “cleating” the opponent – accidentally stabbing another player with metal cleats. 

With turf shoes, this risk is significantly mitigated. They are not as sharp or dangerous, so even in an accidental collision, the opponent will make it out much better than if you were wearing cleats. 

Exclusive to Turf Fields

If you’re playing on turf fields, you have to wear turf shoes/ Normal cleats aren’t an option out of respect for keeping the field’s integrity. 

With that in mind, your two options for turf fields are either turf shoes or standard tennis shoes, In that matchup, the astronomical advantage of turf cleats should make this decision a no-brainer. They’re not only better for multi-directional starting and stopping, but they’ll also bite into the ground and give you more power at the plate. 


Easier on your feet

Cleats, especially given the rigidness of their movement, can be tough on feet. In particular, this applies to young, growing athletes.

Turf shoes are a much better alternative in that they fall somewhere between athletic tennis shoes and cleats, at least in terms of fit and feel. They’re comfortable and flexible enough to promote foot health but also aid in traction and playmaking. 

They’re becoming more and more common

Lastly, turf shoes are becoming increasingly popular as turf fields grow more common. The odds are you will not play an entire season on turf fields – at least not yet – but don’t be surprised if several turf games are sprinkled throughout your baseball calendar. 

For that reason alone, we suggest having a pair of turf shoes whether you’re almost full-time turf or just getting introduced to the new synthetic fields. 


guardian baseball bolt turf shoes turf cleats

Ready to get your own turf shoes?

Are you ready to get your own turf cleats? 

Guardian Baseball just released it’s own Guardian BLAZE turf shoes. These are the same uppers as the Blaze cleats, which were #1 Amazon Bestsellers thanks to their patented V-Cleat configuration for better leadoff, stopping, and cutting, but they have a turf shoe sole.

Shop the Guardian BOLT Turf Shoe right here. 

Our BLAZE turf shoes come in a variety of colors and are made for both baseball and softball. 


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