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Best Baseball Protection Gear: Top Trends in Baseball Safety

Best Baseball Protection Gear: Top Trends in Baseball Safety

Protective baseball gear is evolving. The new wave of protective gear from top brands like EvoShield, Easton, All-Star, Rawlings, G-Form and other major brands features gear for all parts of the body that focus on two things: safety and mobility. 

The best gear will never ask you to compromise one for the other, so if you want to be protected without feeling restricted while you’re in the batter’s box, on the base path or making plays in the field, here’s a guide to all the leading gear and trends in baseball safety.


When you step up to the plate, you need the right gear to keep you protected for big hits. With this gear, you’ll be ready for the good pitches and protected against wild ones. 

Batting Helmets

Regardless of position, every baseball player needs a helmet they can count on. This is a primary reason baseball helmets are perhaps the single most important piece of baseball protective gear. 

When you’re looking for batting helmets, you need helmets that will fit snug but comfortable so you can swing with confidence that your helmet’s not going anywhere. Having something breathable is a big advantage, too. Both Easton and Rawlings batting helmets are prime examples of companies that are innovating with helmet airflow every year. Additionally, these helmets also features a BioDri padded inner liner to help keep batters cool at the plate.

Additionally, look for something that is NOCSAE-approved. NOCSAE is the highest authority on gear safety, so a NOCSAE-approved helmet is an investment in the best. At Guardian Baseball, our EvoShield helmets, along with many more, are NOCSAE-approved. 

Elbow Guards

A stray pitch to the elbow will always leave a bruise and can often cause more serious damage.  A good elbow guard will protect you while staring down your next pitch. 

EvoShield is perhaps the best known brand in batter’s elbow guards. If you’ve watched much baseball, you’ve certainly seen and EvoShield elbow guards on the baseball diamond. They’re one of EvoShield’s most popular products and one of the most-worn elbow guards at any level. With Evoshield’s Gel-To-Shell and Air Activated Desperion technology, they’ll be one of the truest fits you can ever find. Since they can be molded directly for your elbow, they'll be a great custom fit but somethig difficult to share with a family member or teammate. 

You can check out our EvoShield elbow guards here. 

If you’re looking for an elbow guard designed for a more universal fit, G-Form elbow guards might be the guard for you. An up and coming brand in the protection space, G-Form will keep you safe behind home plate without taking anything away from your explosive swing. Their elbow guards provide protection with exceptional comfort and a full range of motion, plus the moisture-wicking mesh and easy grip-pull tabs make it breathable and easy to put on. Unlike the EvoShield user-molded guard, these can be shared among siblings or teammates since they aren't molded.. 

Shop our G-Form elbow guard collection here. 

Leg/Shin Guards

Leg/shin guards can protect you against tipped balls off the bat or low pitches into the dirt. To use, just strap them to your pitcher-facing ankle as you prepare for you at-bat.

EvoShield leg guards are some of the most popular among athletes at any level. Newer versions of these guards have been designed for a more customized fit. In minutes, EvoShield’s Gel-To-Shell Technology transforms the guard from a malleable gel to a customized, form-fitting shield. Dispersion technology distributes force across the surface of the guard, reducing felt pressure at the point of impact. But note: many of these EvoShield guards are specific to a certain ankle/leg, so shop accordingly.

Browse our EvoShield leg guards here. 

Additionally, the G-Form leg guards and Rawlings leg guards provide similar advantages for the batters. Both brands are very comfortable, with a lightweight design that provides extra protection without taking away from your mobility. G-Form’s SmartFlex Pads that are soft during play but harden on impact and built with straps that insure not only a secure fit, but also a pad that can be easily and quickly taken off and put back on as you prefer for your at-bat.

Shop our G-Form leg guards and Rawlings leg guards. 

Wrist Guards

Wrist injuries are common in baseball, but a good wrist guard prevents them by compressing the wrist and protecting players from wild pitches and bad hops. Wrist guards keep you safe all game long while both batting and playing in the field. 

Browse our wrist guard collection.

Sliding Mitts

One of the newest trends in baseball safety, the sliding mitt will protect the hand from cleated stomp while sliding into a base. EvoShield has pioneered the sliding mitt and stands alone as leaders in this protective gear space. The EvoShieild Sliding Mitt Protective Glove is made out of breathable neoprene and has a thumbhole for easy access and movement, plus an adjustable elastic compression strap that supports the wrist from injury. It will keep you safe while running bases.

Grab your EvoShield Sliding Mitt.


Whether you’re playing baseball or softball, you need protection in the field, too. One of the most overlooked areas of your body that needs protection is your eyes, and sunglasses are the perfect way to make sure you’re covered. 

For more about how to find the perfect pair of sunglasses for you, be sure to read this guide. 


Your eyes need protection, too. Not only does a long day on the baseball field expose them to dirt, dust and debris, but also sun rays. To help protect your eyes while you see the game in a brand new way, here are our sunglasses picks.


There’s a reason most professional players wear Oakley sunglasses: nobody makes baseball sunglasses quite like Oakley. They’re the high-end of baseball sunglasses so you can expect to pay a premium for the quality, but they’re all built to last for many seasons to come and feature shielded polarized lenses, UVA protection, and everything you could hope for in your sunglasses. The Oakley Sutro, Oakley Flak, and Oakley Radar designs are some of the most popular.


Want great quality glasses but not looking forward to paying the premium price? Rawlings sunglasses are the best budget-friendly alternative. They’re lightweight, comfortable, 100% UVA and UVB protection with a baseball-intended design. The hydrophobic lenses are easy to clean and enhance clarity to keep you at the top of your game.

Ready to buy the best baseball protection gear?

If so, you’re in the right place. Guardian Baseball provides the best selection of baseball safety and proactive gear from all the biggest brands. While the trends might change from season to season along with our inventory, you can always count on one thing: we will only sell safety gear we’d trust for ourselves and our children.

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