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One of the most popular baseball sunglasses and overall sports glasses is the Oakley® Radar EV Path Shield sunglasses. Stylish, durable, and packed with unique features, these Oakley® sunglasses are great for any type of sports. However, these Oakley glasses are specifically designed for baseball. Even better, they can give you a competitive edge on your competition, let’s talk about it.

Baseball players prefer sunglasses that were specifically designed for baseball. The reason many baseball players prefer The Oakley® Radar EV Path Polarized Sunglasses is because it’s one of the best sunglasses for blocking the sun's dangerous rays and sun glares. No matter what position you play on the field, if you’re playing in the sunlight, you need the right equipment to play at the highest level possible. Losing one ball in the sun can have a drastic impact on the game, so having a pair of baseball sunglasses that’s specifically designed to help with that is a game changer.

HDPolarized® lenses help you reflect glare, while Plutonite® technology enhances your visual experience and blocks out 100 percent of UVA, UVB and UVC rays. These shades have Interchangeable lenses that add versatility to the Oakley® Radar EV Path Polarized Sunglasses, making these sunglasses ideal for baseball, but also other sports and outdoor adventures.

Oakley Radar EV Path Polarized Shield Sunglass Colors

These Oakley® sunglasses come in a variety of different colors;

  • Polished Black
  • Polished White
  • Matte Black
  • Electric Purple Shadow
  • Blue
  • Holographic Grey

You can buy the Oakley® Radar EV Path sunglasses here.

How Do I Choose the Best Sunglasses?

Choosing the right sunglasses is never an easy task. With so many different brands, types, and features, it can be a tough job narrowing your list down to one. We think it comes down to 2 core choices, style and utility. 

Some of you are looking for sunglasses that are stylish, so utility doesn’t matter as much. Others are looking for a pair of sunglasses that give them a specific utility, such as eye protection from UVA rays. When you can get style and utility in the same pair of sunglasses, it’s a win-win. 

With Oakley’s Radar EV Path sunglasses, you get style, utility, features, and a trusted name in sunglasses. These Radar EV Path sunglasses can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, as well as enhancing your vision with high definition optics. 

For baseball players, sunglasses are an important piece of your baseball apparel. The majority of baseball games are played during the day, most baseball stadiums don’t have roofs, so players spend a lot of time out in the sun. No matter what position you play on the field, sunshine can make it difficult to play on the field, so ensuring your eyes are protected so you can play without limitations is key.  

If you’re looking into buying a pair of baseball sunglasses, there are a few things you need to consider. Just as the right baseball bat is important to your game, the same can be said for baseball sunglasses, they will be important for both offense and defense. 

Total Protection: All sunglasses are not created equal. The amount of coverage you get from your sunglass lens is another thing you’ll need to consider when choosing sunglasses. A larger frame is recommended because it covers your entire face and protects it from UV rays, no matter the angle. Taller lenses provide a wider range of coverage and prevent the sun from sneaking into your eye at the crucial moment when you’re about to hit a home run.

Powerful Visual Benefits: You need to see a small white ball in the blue sky, for anyone that has experienced that, that’s not always an easy thing to do. You also need to see that small white ball in green and brown. The good news, these baseball sunglasses have you covered. They help increase the contrast of the ball, helping you see it better and quicker. It accentuates blues and keeps the ball white bright so you can see it clearer. It also increases the saturation of the grass and dirt so you can see it better. There’s no one in the game better and if you want to improve your game, make these Oakley® sunglasses your own.

Contrast Lenses: One of these is the contrast lenses, which will help you if you’re out in particularly sunny conditions and affect how you see color. You have an array of options in this department, and it all depends on your personal preference. - Prizm lens tech, tons of copy on

The Right Fit: Have you ever bought sports sunglasses only to find out later they don’t fit your face? You’ll need to consider how the sunglasses fit on your face. It is recommended that you invest in a pair that has rubber on the nose bridge and the temples for stability and comfort. Oakley sunglasses are well known for having both of these features. - Oakley® uses rubber called unobtanium on the nose pieces and stem socks, it gets tackier when wet. When you’re sweating on the field, these baseball sunglasses are going to grip your face tighter. 

We know it can be tough buying baseball sunglasses online, right? For starters, you can’t try them on, so how do you know they will fit right? If you have any questions about our Oakley® sunglasses, don’t hesitate to reach out, we’d be glad to answer any questions that you may have. You can reach us via email at 

Benefits Of Oakley® Radar EV Path Sunglasses

Why choose Oakley® Radar EV Path sunglasses? Here’s a few reasons why we recommend them.

100% UV Protection: With these Oakley® sunglasses, you’re going to get 100% UV protection. Most baseball players play games in the sun, so it’s essential to have protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Many sunglasses only give you partial overall protection or partial protection against specific types of UV rays, so you want to make sure you’re buying sunglasses that fully protect you. The 100% UV protection allows for your eyes and face to be protected from harmful UV rays. This feature is going to allow you to have a sharp contrast on the baseball, no matter what angle or position you’re in. Since the sunglasses can cover a large area of your face as a whole, you’re going to get full protection and you’ll need to play in the sun.

Designed For Baseball: The Oakley prizm field is a baseball specific lens, designed to help you with every angle on the field. There’s a lot of sunglasses on the market you can choose from, few are designed for baseball, only one gives you the benefits of the Oakley® Radarlock.

Prizm Black Sport Lens: The great thing about the Oakley® Radar EV Path lens is that they can be changed out. While this can be beneficial for baseball, this is a great feature to have for those of you that enjoy biking, motocross, or canyoning - you always need to be aware of changes in the texture of the landscape, such as rocks, trees, mountains, roads, etc. 

If the sun is in your eyes, it can affect your vision, that can put you in danger. Prizm sports lenses only allow around 11% light transmission, which means that your vision is minimally impacted by the sun’s brightness. This is what you want on the baseball field, you don’t want the sun causing you visual problems.

Plutonite Lens Material: The material used to craft a lens is very important as it determines the lifespan of the lens, as well as the impact it can withstand. Oakley’s Plutonite lenses are not only comfortable, but they offer superior protection against impact. They also filter out UV rays while allowing the wearer to see clearly. If you play baseball long enough, you’re going to have scenarios where you’ll have an impact, so knowing you have protection is important.

Impact Tested: There are two types of ANSI Z87.1 impact tests

  • High Velocity 
  • High Mass

Both tests are testing the durability of not only the lens material but also lens and frame design. These are no sugar coated tests either, they involve a quarter inch steel ball fired at 102mph and a one pound, one ounce steel spike dropped from 4 feet 2 inches. Long story short, these Oakley® baseball sunglasses pass both tests. 

Cleaning and Storage Bag: This storage bag comes with the necessary equipment to store your glasses and clean them properly. This ensures that they’re kept safe, can be placed inside of your stand bag or golf travel bag, as well as remain in peak condition to protect your eyes while out in the sun.

You can buy the Oakley® Radar EV Path sunglasses here.

In Closing

As we’re sure you are learning, it can be a challenge to find the right baseball sunglasses, especially when you’re buying baseball sunglasses online. The good news, we have years of experience wearing baseball sunglasses on the field and selling them here at Guardian Baseball. 

If you have any questions about any of our Oakley® sunglasses, feel free to reach out. You can always reach us at or directly at (502) 201-1141.