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2021 Marucci Cat 9 Connect BBCOR Baseball Bat

When we review brand new baseball bats, we go through a lot of checks and balances to ensure accurate representation. The bat we're reviewing today needs no introduction, players have been talking about it for months now. The 2021 Marucci Cat 9 Connect BBCOR baseball bat is here and if you're in the market for a brand new 2021 baseball bat, you may want to take a few minutes to get to know this one.

For any baseball players that are looking to make strong, smooth swings this season, you have to consider buying the 2021 Marucci Cat 9 Connect BBCOR baseball bat and making sure you have it in your gear bag.

Specifically designed for power and an end-loaded feel, this two-piece hybrid baseball bat features an amazing design and build to help you make smoother swings, while also reducing the vibrations you feel after contact.

How does it stack up against the competing bats? Let's discuss it!

Guardian Baseball takes you inside the new 2021 Marucci baseball bat to see what all the hype is about and if the technology is next level. 

2021 Marcucci Cat 9 Technology

The 2021 Marucci Cat 9 Connect BBCOR baseball bat begins with an AZR alloy barrel that utilizes a unique three-stage thermal treatment process. This gives the barrel of the bat a more responsive microstructure to improve feel and forgiveness as well as giving it an additional boost to performance.

The thickest section of the barrel wall features Marucci’s Longitudinal Groove System which reduces weight and increases flexibility for a larger performance zone. You can feel it when you hit your first ball.

The thinner barrel walls and a variable walla design give you a good sized sweet spot and protects performance if you make off-center contact.

The ring-free barrel construction allows for more barrel flex and increases performance with no “dead” spots. In addition to that, the barrel is power-loaded for higher MOI and an end-loaded feel to help you produce more power with less effort. 

Marucci then uses their one-of-a-kind Outer-Locking System to combine the alloy barrel with the composite handle from the outside-in. This system creates the stiffest connection possible and eliminates vibrations in the hand at impact, which makes your swing a lot more enjoyable.

The shape of the handle on the Cat 9 Connect baseball bat is inspired by professional bats. Removable taper and an ergonomic knob shape allow for more control with the top hand and comfort on the bottom. A micro-perforated soft-touch group features extra tack for improved feel and greater control.

Who's The 2021 Marucci Cat 9 BBCOR Baseball Bat For?

Is this Marucci baseball bat for you?

We feel the 2021 Marucci Cat 9 Connect BBCOR baseball bat is best for those of you that want more control over where you hit the ball. If you value contact, a soothe swing, and the ability to put the ball where you want, you're going to fall in love with this Cat 9 BBCOR baseball bat.

It's lightweight to the touch, the grip feels strong but easy to swing. You can literally feel the additional power it gives you when you hit your first ball. It's an amazing experience. Fun to swing, fun to play with.

We do feel there's a market for those players that want less vibrations in the bat, this does accomplish that.  

The Marucci Cat 9 Connect baseball bat is recommended for players aged 14 and up.

Stylish Appearance For This New Marucci Baseball Bat

We love the look of the new 2021 Marucci Cat 9 Connect BBCOR baseball features a sleek black design with red accents. These elements make this bat look fast and stealthy, giving you confidence in a smooth swing every time. A tacky black grip blends into the handle for a sure feel in your hands that fits the stealth motif of the baseball bat.

Buy the new 2021 Marucci Cat 9 Connect BBCOR baseball bat here.

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