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Meet Gary The Guardian


In the heart of every pitch, the echo of a bat, and the cheer of the stands, Gary the Guardian stands as a symbol of our love for baseball. Born from the passion and commitment that fueled Guardian Baseball's founders, Zev and Matt, Gary is more than just a mascot. He's a beacon for all those who cherish America's Pastime.

Gary's story begins on the dusty diamonds where young players dream big. He's a witness to the struggles and triumphs of players at every level. From the little leaguer grappling with an oversized mitt to the pro player perfecting a home run swing, Gary has been there, cheering them on.

Guardian Baseball, with Gary at its helm, is not just a retailer—it's a revolution. Gary embodies the spirit of the company: breaking down barriers to quality gear, providing unparalleled service, and nurturing the seeds of community in baseball.

He's not just our mascot; he's a guardian of the game's integrity, ensuring fair play extends beyond the field into every product and service we offer. Gary the Guardian isn't just a figure you see at events or on our website; he's a reminder that baseball is for everyone, and together, we can keep the spirit of the game alive for generations to come.

Join Gary in spreading the love of the game. With Guardian Baseball, step up to the plate with confidence, knowing we're here to support you every inning, every game, every season.