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Guardian’s Got Your Back.

The Guardian Six-Month Extended Warranty is the unmatched industry leader offered EXCLUSIVELY by Guardian Baseball.

If you want the most out of your gear, Guardian Baseball is the only option. The Guardian Six-Month Extended Warranty is the best in the game and adds all the protection you’ll need to the gear you purchase through us.

How it Works

Even with the best manufacturers, sometimes accidents happen. A defective bat might not survive the cage or your glove might not last as long as it was designed to. While most of this gear comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, many of these problems don’t arise until after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. If that happens, you’re sunk. 

But not with Guardian Baseball.

Thanks to The Guardian Six-Month Extended Warranty, we’re adding an extra six months of warranty onto the end of the manufacturer’s warranty on the products we sellno extra cost to you! This is a benefit exclusively offered by Guardian Baseball. 

Why do we do it? Because we’re confident in the products we sell and we’re committed to the customers we serve. As an athlete, the last thing you should ever worry about is your gear.

Shop with Guardian Baseball for the best gear and peace of mind.


Guardian Baseball has your back, but we’ll need a little help from you. To take advantage of The Guardian Six-Month Extended Warranty, you’ll need to follow these steps.

  1. Register your product. All deliveries contain information about registration.
  2. Understand the terms: the Guardian Six-Month Extended Warranty coversall-natural in-game damage or use. It does not cover damage of any other form.
  3. We provide free shipping and returns, so once you submit your claim, we’ll take it from there and make sure your gear is as ready to play as you are. 

This is Guardian Baseball’s commitment to you as we continue spreading the love of the game. 

The Guardian Six-Month Extended Warranty:

The best warranty in the game, exclusively from Guardian Baseball.

Step 1: Register your gear.
Step 2: Play baseball.
Step 3: Enjoy 6-Months added protection, on us.