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Unlock your potential

How would you like me to personally walk you through the exact way I help baseball players master their mind, unlock their physical skills, gain a competitive edge and take their game to the college or professional levels... absolutely for free?

A Message from Brandon

Parents and ballplayers,


Let’s talk about RESULTS for a second:


Do you and your son know deep down that he is WAY better than the current results he’s getting?


Do you know he isn’t lacking talent, it’s just that his mind is blocking his true talent from shining?... And you both know that if he could piece it all together, he has what it takes to play at the next level?


If so, I believe the only questions you or your son should be asking is:


“Does he truly want to play College or Professional baseball?” AND…


“How can he get to all of that untapped potential inside of him?”


If the answer to Question #1 is YES, then I’d love help you get clarity on Question #2 by sharing with you how I’ve helped countless ballplayers Master their Mind and UNLOCK all of their physical skills, and I’d like to share it with you for FREE.


He wants to have more confidence on game day so that he can consistently show up at his BEST when it matters MOST...




He wants to conquer and get over his fears of failure (this is VERY common). He worries he’s not good enough, and is scared of making a mistake or being embarrassed, and nerves always get the better of him...




He’s in search of tools and techniques that allow him to play free and loose, so that he can stop thinking so much, get out of his own head, and have fun playing the game of baseball day in and day out. You all know that when he can play that way, and when his LOVE and PASSION for the game is there, the results are as well.


Which of those sounds more like your son? The good news is that whichever it is, I can show you a plan that will make them all a reality… ...and I’ll do it for FREE.



Consider this:

The results you’re looking for is something I’ve helped countless baseball players achieve since retiring from MLB in 2020. If I can do it for them, I KNOW I can do it for your son.

Only now, with a brand new, more in-depth program called Major League Mindset. In this 2-month, online program I will personally walk your son through a proven system that will help him bridge the gap between the player he is now and the player both you and him KNOW he can be.

With Class I beginning January 16th, 2022 and finishing in the middle of March, this will without a doubt put him in the best possible position to succeed when the new season starts.

The choice is yours and his. The time is NOW.

Do you want him to tap into all of that potential that is untapped inside of him right now?

Do you want him to start performing up to his TRUE potential on a consistent basis?

If so, everything your son needs for more confidence, more mental toughness, and to ultimately master the mental side of the game is within your grasp.


I’ve set aside some time to speak with you and your son over the next few days.

This is a FREE breakthrough phone call that will last about 20-30 minutes and on the call we’ll go over the Major League Mindset program and lay out a plan to help you do ANY and ALL of the 3 things we mentioned above.

This plan will enable your son to start the process of Mastering his Mind...and gain an (almost) unfair advantage over other players… he can get on track to playing at the college (or even pro) level.

It’s a bold promise, but after helping countless baseball players do exactly that, I feel VERY comfortable making it.

The plan we craft together will be SIMPLE, CLEAR, and way more practical than anything you’ve heard before.

A plan that meshes my on-field experience playing at the MLB level, with proven skills and techniques taught to me by the best of the best when it comes to mental performance and big league coaches.

This is a PROVEN system. And I know that if I work with your son, and he is committed and coachable, there is NO limit to what he can achieve on the field AND off, both short term and long term.

This invitation is going out to over 50,000 people throughout the country in the baseball community right now, so as you can imagine, it’s going to create a BIG response.

That’s why I’d like you to read this next part carefully:


I’m VERY specific about who I speak with and let into the program, and there’s only one of me. So, I have a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed:

1. Your son needs to be a High School or College baseball player. While I have worked with ball players of all ages, the methods I’m talking about here are only geared towards High School and College players.

2. Your son must be coachable, committed, and hold himself to a high standard. Results don’t just happen. It takes action and a lot of work. I’ve found these 3 qualities lead to those RESULTS more often and MUCH quicker.

3. Your son is someone who is sick and tired of not playing up to his abilities, refuses being just “average”, and is ready to take action and become “ELITE”.

That’s it - if your son meets those requirements, we’re good!


If your son meets the criteria above, and you'd like to talk about getting some incredible results for him, then I'll happily set aside some time for you.

Here's what to do next: Head over to and you'll see my calendar. Grab whatever appointment time works for you and/or your son.

Then you'll be taken to a quick application form. It's very fast and simple. I just need to know that it’s a good fit and your son fits the criteria above.

That's it!

The initial call will be around 20-30 minutes, and it will be a GREAT time going over ways in which your son can become an unstoppable force and truly LIMITLESS with a Major League Mindset.


Like I said, there is only one of me and there is only so much time available in the schedule.

It's physically impossible for me to work with more than a handful of people, so it is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. If you feel like this is the right opportunity for you and/or your son, schedule a call and let's talk!

All the best,

Brandon Guyer