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What are Baseball Sliding Mitts and Why Do You Need Them?

If you tuned into a baseball game lately on TV or sat through a travel ball tournament, odds are you’ve seen several sliding mitts.

While sliding mitts might look a bit surprising to see on your favorite player given their newness to the game, they have a very important purpose: safety. And as sliding mitts become more and more popular, the team of experts at Guardian Baseball is on a mission to help you understand why the trend is taking flight. 


What are baseball sliding mitts?

Baseball sliding mitts are protective mitts that protect the hand of the baserunner while he or she is running bases. 

Athletes only wear them on one hand, and it’s whichever hand they use to slide. In most cases, this will be the right hand. Fortunately, sliding mitts are reversible and can be worn on both. 

If you’ve ever seen a baseball player’s sliding hand get stepped on or “cleated,” you’ll know it’s a serious injury. Sliding mitts are here to prevent that from happening. 

How do sliding mitts work?

Baserunners put on sliding mitts after reaching base and wear them throughout the baserunning. 

They’re easy to take on and off, so just slip them over your hand, fasten the elastic wrist strap, and you’re ready to run.

The glove itself envelopes that hand and keeps it protected against cleats and other potential injuries, and the elastic wrist band gives the wrist extra support as well. 

3 Reasons to Wear Sliding Mitts 

They’ll keep you safe. 

Baseball can be a long season with a lot of games packed into a week so players are prone to injury. Thankfully, there is a great deal of protective gear that can used to reduce injury risks including these sliding mitts. 

The sliding mitts protect your hand from being stepped on and also provide wrist support as you slide into base. This is one of the most exposed, vulnerable moves athletes make over the course of the game, so the mitts help mitigate that risk.

Additionally, they’ll keep you from jamming your fingers while sliding into base. Jammed fingers make every part of the game difficult. 

They’re easy to use

Some athletes don’t want to use sliding mitts because “they’re too much work.” Thankfully, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, sliding mitts can be put on or taken off in a matter of seconds, and they’ll fit in your back pocket so you can put it on once you get to base.

The process itself is simple and the extra safety is worth the time investment. 


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You’re an early adopter of new-age safety gear

Sliding mitts are still in their infancy. In many cases, it seems only one or two players per team wear them. That said, it's easy to foresee a future where seventy or eighty percent of baseball players wear them because the extra safety is well worth the asking price.

By wearing a sliding mitt now, you’ll turn heads. You might be asked “what is that?” or “where did you get it?” All of that is part of being an early adopter – you’re ahead of the curve and helping change the game of baseball. 

Ready to get your own sliding mitts?

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