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Mindset Monday: Arete

Mindset Monday: Arete

Brandon Guyer is a mental performance coach and former Major League Baseball player. The Guardian Baseball Mindset Collection brings many of his game-changing Mindsets to apparel.

During the Monday Mindset, Guardian Baseball and Brandon Guyer will be presenting a different Mindset every week to help you unlock your greatest potential. To succeed physically, you need to win mentally, too.


Today’s Mindset: ARETÉ

What it means:

“Areté is the Greek word that means excellence, but the deeper definition is expressing the best version of yourself moment, to moment, to moment.

Who it’s for:

Areté is for the athlete that struggles with consistency. While it might sound cliche to strive to “always be your best self,” that’s exactly what this mindset is referring to. During highs and lows, pursue living with Areté.

What it looks like:

Areté is always, actively trying to be the best version of a person that you can be. 

And no, that doesn’t mean you need to be perfect. Far from it, actually. We are all going to make mistakes in the field, bad judgment calls on a pitch, and strike out often. Baseball is not an ebay game – if it was, everybody would play it.

Instead, practicing Areté means being your best self even in times when you make a mistake. Areté is learning from your missteps and improving. It’s being a leader on and off the field. It’s being somebody your coaches know they can count on.

Areté is for every athlete, but it’s also much bigger than baseball.

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