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Brandon Guyer is a mental performance coach and former Major League Baseball player. The Guardian Baseball Mindset Collection brings many of his game-changing Mindsets to apparel.

During the Monday Mindset, Guardian Baseball and Brandon Guyer will be presenting a different Mindset every week to help you unlock your greatest potential. To succeed physically, you need to win mentally, too.


What it means:

Athletes who want to succeed at the highest level understand there’s much more to being a competitor than the competition itself. While competition is important, putting in the time to PREPARE to COMPETE and then REFLECTING on your performance is crucial in unlocking your potential.

Who it’s for:

This mindset is for every athlete and serves as a reminder that, while important, the competition itself it’s the only part of being an athlete. 

What it looks like:

PREPARE → COMPETE → REFLECT is easily separated into three buckets:

Preparing is both physical and mental preparation. It can be intense off-season workouts, late nights at the gym after everybody else has gone home, or studying film to prepare for game day. 

Competing is the game day action, leaving everything you have on the field and trying to put your team in the best possible position to win. Your preparation leads up to this.

And finally, reflect is looking back on the game and learning from your mistakes while learning to replicate your successes. Did you do something particularly well? How do you do it again?

Ready to Mindset?

If this post inspired you, be sure to check out Guardian Baseball’s Brandon Guyer Mindset collection. You’ll find shirts and apparel with your favorite Mindset statements that you can wear in-game, during training, or even leisurely as a reminder of how powerful the mind can be.

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