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Mindset Monday: Process Over Outcome

Mindset Monday: Process Over Outcome

Brandon Guyer is a mental performance coach and former Major League Baseball player. The Guardian Baseball Mindset Collection brings many of his game-changing Mindsets to apparel.

During the Monday Mindset, Guardian Baseball and Brandon Guyer will be presenting a different Mindset every week to help you unlock your greatest potential. To succeed physically, you need to win mentally, too.


Today’s Mindset: Process Over Outcome

What it means:

We don’t always catch the break we want and sometimes things don’t go our way, but if we have the right process down, the outcome will become more and more favorable over time. 

Who it’s for:

This mindset is for every athlete who’s in a run or struggling to find what they deem as “success.” Whether you’re stepping up or preparing to throw a pitch, having the best process will give you the best chance to succeed. 

What it looks like:

You see this in all sports, and a great example is a basketball player shooting a free throw. Typically, he or she has a whole process – two dribbles, bounce the ball to himself, deep breath, etc – and then they shoot. Even the best shooters don’t make every shot, but as long as their process is the same, they will always be improving. 

The same thing can be said of an at-bat, a quarterback under center, or even a professional bowler! No matter what sport you’re playing, the optimal outcome always depends on having the optimal process. 

And remember: a process is a series of steps that you take over time that gives you the best chance for success.  The outcome is your final destination or result (win the championship, hit 10 home runs, get the D1 scholarship, throw 20 TD’s, score 10 goals). The outcome is depended on the process, but you can have a good process regardless of the outcome!

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