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Boost Your Speed with These Base Running Drills

Boost Your Speed with These Base Running Drills

You don’t have to know baseball well to know that running the bases as fast as possible can be the deciding factor in a game as to whether you win or not. Speed on the base paths can help you advance, score runs, and put pressure on the defense. Improving your base-running skills is a key element of success in fine-tuning these skills. In this article, we'll explore some effective running drills designed to enhance your fast base-running abilities.

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  1. Sprinter's Start Drill:

The sprinter's start is all about explosiveness and acceleration from the batter's box to first base. This drill helps you improve your initial burst of speed.

How to do it:

- Begin in the batter's box, crouched in a stance similar to your batting stance.

- On "Go," explode forward with a powerful first step.

- Focus on driving your knees up high and pumping your arms.

- Run at maximum effort for 15-20 yards, simulating a sprint to first base.

- Repeat this drill multiple times, focusing on improving your start each time.

  1. Sliding Practice:

Base runners need to be proficient in sliding to avoid tags and reach bases safely. Practicing your sliding technique is crucial.

How to do it:

- Set up a sliding mat or use a soft surface like grass.

- Practice feet-first slides and head-first slides.

- Work on your timing and positioning to ensure you reach the base while avoiding the tag.

- Pay attention to proper sliding form to prevent injuries.

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  1. Curve-to-Base Drill:


This drill is designed to improve your ability to round the bases quickly when taking extra bases or going from first to third.


How to do it:


- Start at first base and simulate a hit into the gap.

- Round first base and sprint to second while staying close to the inside of the base path.

- As you approach second base, focus on taking a wide turn to maintain your momentum.

- Continue to round second and accelerate toward third, maintaining a wide path.

- The goal is to take the most efficient route while maintaining speed through the turns.

- Work on your technique and speed in this drill to become a more aggressive base runner.


  1. Reaction Drills:


Base running often involves quick reactions to various situations, such as fielding errors or balls in the dirt. Reaction drills can help you make split-second decisions.


How to do it:


- Have a coach or partner hit ground balls or fungos in unpredictable directions.

- Practice reading the ball off the bat and reacting quickly.

- Work on deciding whether to advance, hold your position, or retreat based on the situation.

- These drills will improve your baseball IQ and make you a smarter, more efficient base runner.

  1. Hill Sprints:


To build explosive lower body strength and speed, incorporate hill sprints into your training regimen.


How to do it:


- Find a steep hill or incline.

- Sprint up the hill as fast as you can.

- Walk or jog down for recovery.

- Repeat for several repetitions.

- Hill sprints are excellent for building leg strength and enhancing acceleration.




Fast base-running is a skill that can turn singles into doubles, and doubles into triples, putting pressure on the opposing team and increasing your chances of scoring runs. Incorporating these running drills into your training routine will help you become a more effective and dynamic base runner. Remember, practice and consistency are key to mastering these techniques and improving your base-running speed. So, get out there, work hard, and watch your base-running skills reach new heights.


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