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Top Catchers Gear Sets For Adults And Youth

Top Catchers Gear Sets For Adults And Youth

Having the best catchers gear is a worthy investment for any baseball player, regardless of their level of experience. A full set of catchers gear is preferable as it provides players with proper protection and comfort. Purchasing a full set is also more convenient and economical than individual pieces of catcher’s gear.

Choosing the best catchers gear set, that can be a difficult decision. You will need to find a match for your specific body frame among a huge number of different products. Below, you’ll find our recommendations and a few other key points you need to keep in mind before you buy a catchers gear set. 

What Catchers Equipment Do You Need?

Catchers need a specific amount of gear to keep them protected. Your average catcher gear set includes three pieces, those include;

  • Catchers Mask: Catchers masks are built with protection and mobility in mind. The mask protects your face from physical contact while the design allows you to quickly remove it to pursue fly balls or players stealing a base.
  • Chest Protector: The pullover vest is built with strong leather, rubber, gel, or foam. The chest protector is the largest piece of a catcher’s gear set and is designed to protect your chest and internal organs.
  • Leg Guards: These provide protection to your shins, knees, and ankles while also making it comfortable to move around. Leg guards will extend from your knees down to the top of your baseball cleats
  • Catchers Mitt - You can’t play the position without a catchers mitt - this mitt is not like a regular baseball glove, rather it’s specifically designed for the position. 

What To Look For In Catchers Gear Sets?

Before you purchase any catcher gear, there are a few things you need to look at to make sure you’ll choose the right set. We’re going to cover;

  • Protection - The main goal of catchers gear is to protect the player. This is why the materials being used matter - make sure you know what your catchers gear is designed with.
  • Size - Most catchers gear sets come in 3 different sizes - Adults (15+ years old), Intermediate (10-15 years old), and Youth (Under 10 years old). 
  • Durability - You need a durable catchers gear set to get you through the season. Fortunately, modern catchers gear sets have features that allow this equipment to be used for years. 
  • Adjustability - Sitting in the crouch position for long durations can be uncomfortable. This is why you want to invest in catchers gear that is durable and flexible. 
  • Brand - Every brand is unique and each offers various features and warranties. Some brands are more reputable and trusted than others, always do your due diligence.
  • Reviews - Always take the time to read reviews and see what others are saying about products you’re interested in.

With that being said, let’s get to our list of top catchers gear sets.


The All-Star System7 NOCSAE Certified Adult Baseball Catchers Gear Kit is well known for being one of the top catchers gear sets on the market. This is the CKCCPRO1 by All-Star, the System7 NOCSAE Certified Adult Pro Baseball Catcher's Kit includes all of the gear any top level baseball player is looking for. When it comes to catchers gear sets for adults, All-Star is a brand you can trust and rely on.

With this specific catchers set, you’re going to get the MVP2500 Catching Mask, CPCC1618S7X Chest Protector, and LG30WPRO Leg Guards. This set has many of the same features as the System Seven Axis kit, but takes out a few features to help you save money. This is highly recommended for any serious ball player who demands high function and performance from their baseball and softball gear.

All-Star has developed chest protectors which are certified by SEI to meet the new NOCSAE standard for protection against commotio cordis. We’re glad to see this, your safety is always a top concern here at Guardian Baseball, we love to support brands that are taking that lead. This rare, but very dangerous condition can result from a blunt impact to the chest causing cardiac arrest. Products that meet the new NOCSAE standard have been shown to significantly reduce the risk of this occurrence, which is certainly why you want to make sure your catcher’s gear follows that standard.

Here’s the other features.

  • SEI Certified to meet NOCSAE standard | Recommended for players ages 16 and Up.
  • Set Includes: CPCC1618S7X Chest Protector, LG30WPRO Leg Guards, and MVP2500 Hockey-Style Catcher's Helmet.
  • Catcher's Helmet: High-Impact Resistant ABS Plastic Shell extra thick in the Forehead to withstand more abuse | I-BAR Vision Steel Cage for better sight lines | Secure mounting backplate straps to keep the snaps on | Perfect Balance and Fit for a Weightless Feel | Fast drying, removable, washable, and replaceable liner |Fits head 7 - 7 1/2 Hat Size
  • Chest Protector: Internal, Moldable PE Plates in Throat, Collar Bone and Sternum | Stainless steel hardware | Vented back side for weight reduction and breathability | 4-Point Adjustable Delta-Flex Harness for Maximum Fit and Comfort Adjustability | Removable Groin Protector | 16.5" measured from clavicle to naval
  • Leg Guards: Moldable Shin Plastic for Custom Fit | Lightweight, breathable, and durable | Large perforated padding and vented shins for leg's breathability | DeltaFlex Harness Secures Leg Guards in Place | The adjustable D3O knee pad and ergonomic shin pads to keep knees healthy and eliminate bruising.

You can get this All-Star catchers gear set in royal, dark green, navy, purple, and maroon.

Click here to purchase this All-Star catchers kit. 


Under Armour took protection to the next level with this catchers gear set. The Under Armour Adult Pro 4 Series Catcher's Equipment Gear Set gives you next-level protection from head-to-toe. It has the a new NOCSAE certified chest protector that protects against commotio cordis and leg guards with improved breathability for comfort. This gear set is loaded in with supportive features that are necessary for backstops at the professional and collegiate levels. The materials are professional-grade lightweight and breathable to provide superior protection. The colors are head-turners, too. It has this two-tone look that would confirm your instinct to buy it. The features are superb and the design and colors are on another level! Recommended for ages 16 and up.

The set includes:

  • Under Armour Converge hockey style catchers helmet
  • The new Pro 4 NOCSAE approved chest protector
  • Form-fitting Pro 4 leg guards
Here's exactly what you're going to get with this catchers set.
  • THE NEWEST AND BOLDEST CATCHER'S GEAR SET: This Adult Pro 4 Series Catcher's Equipment Gear Set is the newest set from Under Armour. The features are great and this is definitely a step above prior equipment. It has a two-tone color to give a fantastic look and give you swag while playing in the field. Recommended for ages 16 and up.
  • NOCSAE APPROVED CHEST PROTECTOR: The chest protector is NOCSAE certified. As a catcher, safety has to be a top concern. With this baseball catcher protector, you get extra protection for blows near the heart, protecting you from commotio cordis. To control the direction of the ball rebound, Under Armour made this chest protector's chest design flat. It also has plastic inserts in the throat, sternum, and shoulders to disperse impacts. Fits size 16.5". 
  • NOCSAE APPROVED HELMET: To deflect and absorb impacts, the UA Solid Molded Converge Baseball Catcher's Mask has a high impact resistant ABS plastic shell. It also has this large scoop vent for proper ventilation and heat management so you'll still get comfortable and at ease while playing, running, and busy being the MVP. It has a glossy finish. Fits size 7-7.5". 
  • ADJUSTABLE AND REPOSITIONABLE LEG GUARD: Leg guards have a triple knee design to give you the best possible protection. These baseball leg guards also have repositionable gel knee pads to help absorb impacts, as well as neoprene straps to hold the leg guard in place.  
  • AEGIS MICROBE SHIELD TECHNOLOGY: This Under Armour Catcher's Gear Set has this antimicrobial system to remove or eliminate bacteria and odor. 

You can get this Under Armour catchers gear set in scarlet (red), black, royal, navy, and graphite.

Click here to purchase this Under Armour catchers kit.


If you’re looking for youth catchers gear, look no further than the All-Star Youth System7 Axis catcher’s equipment set. There’s a lot of trusted names with kids catchers gear, one that we recommend getting familiar with is All-Star. Before we dive in, this can be boys catchers gear or girls catcher gear, it works great for both! 

The All-Star Intermediate System7 Axis Catcher's Set provides reliable protection, top to bottom. This youth catchers gear set includes a chest protector, leg guards, and a hockey-style catcher's helmet. It is designed with a great amount of protection as the current level of defense is greater than it has ever been before. It allows you to play well and look good doing so. The chest protector feels just like the classic and the leg guards, featuring the new motocross inspired LINQ pivoting hinge, are the best ever developed. The best just got better! 

  • A set set that includes chest protector, leg guards, and hockey-style catcher's helmet
  • Hockey-Style Catcher's Helmet - The high-impact ABS plastic shell sports with an I-BAR steel mask providing maximum protection and improved vision for youth baseball players.
  • Chest Protector - This chest protector contains internal protective plates that adds extra protection from ball impacts, it also has breakpoints to help players be more mobile.
  • Leg Guards - These leg guards feature a pivoting hinge system that improves mobility, and a wider design for improved sliding and pivoting.
  • Youth catchers gear kit meets NOCSAE Catcher's Helmet and Chest Protector Standard.

You can get the All-Star Youth System7 Axis Catchers equipment set in black, red, or navy. 

Click here to purchase the All-Star Youth System7 Axis catchers gear set. 


If you’re looking for a pro catchers gear kit that the pros rely on, look no further than the Wilson C1K Pro Stock Catcher’s Gear Set. 

Wilson® has been a top leading brand in baseball for a longtime and they continue to be one of the most trusted brands in baseball, and all of sports. If you’re looking for Wilson® baseball gear, Wilson® catchers gear, look no further than the Wilson® C1K Catcher's Gear, modeled after Wilson® Pro Stock Catcher's Gear. 

Designed for durability and sturdiness, but built with MLB® Pro style and feel in mind, this catcher set is guaranteed to keep you safe all season long as it covers all critical areas while being flexible enough to enhance a catcher’s mobility. It has heavy-duty adjustable non-tangle straps, harness, and metal buckles all over the gear making sure that these will fit snugly while making it easy to put on and take off. And with a NOCSAE certified chest protector, you know you're getting high-quality gear with superior protection to help you guard the plate and take your game to the next level.

  • AVAILABLE IN TWO SIZES: Intermediate: recommended for ages 12-15. Adult: recommended for ages 15+.
  • KIT INCLUDES: Catcher's Helmet, Chest Protector and Leg Guards. Available in different colors to coordinate with your team.
  • HELMET: Meets NOCSAE protection standard for all levels of play. A hockey-style mask with a glossy finish and a high-strength, impact-resistant cage. Removable moisture-wicking chin pad. Straps are adjustable for custom snug fit | Size: 7 1/8 - 7 1/2.
  • CHEST PROTECTOR: NOCSAE certified. With high-density foam padding for ultimate comfort and protection, designed to disperse forceful impacts. Removable shoulder caps for increased mobility. Over-the-shoulder adjustable harness; Precision, angled pad design to help block the ball straight down | Size: 15".
  • LEG GUARDS: Reinforced inner knee for ultimate protection and comfort, removable for washing; Overlapping thigh pieces to reduce pain and bruising, for improved performance when blocking and throwing from knees; Lightweight premium grade ABS plastic; Adjustable back metal buckles for easy on/off and snug fit | Size: 15.5

The Wilson® C1K Pro Stock Catchers Gear Kit comes in red, orange, navy, and royal. 

You can purchase the Wilson® C1K Pro Stock Catchers Gear Set here.


Another great choice for youth catchers gear sets is the All Star Youth System7 Axis Elite Travel Team Catcher's Set. This two-tone kit is highly recommended for any serious ball player who demands high function and performance from their gear. It includes SEI certified NOCSAE standard Chest Protector for protection against commotio cordis, Hockey-Style Catcher's Helmet and Leg Guards featuring LINQ hinge system for insane mobility. 

This youth catchers set includes;

  • SEI Certified to meet NOCSAE Standard | Recommended for players in the 9 to 12 age range
  • Catcher Set Contains: Chest Protector, Leg Guards, and Hockey-Style Catcher's Helmet
  • Hockey Style Helmet: High impact-resistant ABS plastic shell for maximum protection| Durable I-BAR steel mask for improved vision | Back plate with strap provides secure fit | Removable, washable inner liner for comfort | Two-color gloss shell finish | Meets NOCSAE standard for safety | Size: Fits hat sizesA 6-1/4 to 7
  • Chest Protector: Diamond vents on back for lightweight breathability | Internal PE protective plates for extra protection from ball impacts | Stainless steel matte black hardware | Thin, form-fitting DeltaFlex harness | Improved break points for improved mobility and maneuverability for blocking and control | Size: 14.5"
  • Leg Guards: LINQ™ pivoting hinge system | Wider, smoother knee for improved pivoting and sliding | Diamond vents on back for lightweight breathability | Repositionable center knee pad | Stainless steel matte black hardware | Size: 13.5" 

The All Star Youth System7 Axis Elite Travel Team Catcher's Set is purple and black.

You can purchase the All Star Youth System7 Axis Elite Travel Team Catcher's Set here. 

Need Help Choosing Your Catchers Gear?

A baseball catcher is the backbone of the baseball team. The catcher is responsible for orchestrating and pulling in pitches while making game time decisions. In order to play at a top level, a catcher needs the right equipment.

At any level, from professional to little league, being a catcher is not as easy as some may say. It takes a level player with a unique skillset to manage the responsibilities and glory of being a catcher.

If you have any questions about these products or any other product you find on the Guardian Baseball website, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. You can use the contact form here or you can email us at