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Mindset Monday: Obstacles Make Me Stronger

Mindset Monday: Obstacles Make Me Stronger

Brandon Guyer is a mental performance coach and former Major League Baseball player. The Guardian Baseball Mindset Collection brings many of his game-changing Mindsets to apparel.

During the Monday Mindset, Guardian Baseball and Brandon Guyer will be presenting a different Mindset every week to help you unlock your greatest potential. To succeed physically, you need to win mentally, too.

Today’s Mindset: Obstacles Make Me Stronger

What it means:

The number one thing young ballplayers struggle with is handling failure, adversity, challenges, and other bumps in the road. This Mindset is a POWERFUL reminder that ​​struggle triggers growth, adversity forges strength, and oftentimes progress comes through pain. What stands in the way, becomes the way! We all need tough times to become the best version of ourselves.

Who it’s for:

Obstacles make me stronger is for the athlete going through a tough time. Whether it’s in the game of baseball or another area of our lives, we’re bound to run up against obstacles at some point. 

At those times, the way we react to the obstacle is the most important thing. Instead of giving up or backing down, we need to strategically navigate around it… or sometimes just plow through it. 

We all struggle sometimes, but if you learn from obstacles instead of avoid them, you’ll go places.

What it looks like:

You can learn to ride a bike with training wheels on, but one could go as far to say that you don’t truly learn to ride a bike until you crash a couple of times without training wheels, dust yourself off, climb back on the bike, and ride again.


Because we don’t always have training wheels in life. Yes, most of us have family, coaches and friends that hold us up and help us on our journey, but at the end of the day, the choices you make come down to one person: yourself.

“Obstacles make me stronger” is a reminder of exactly that. When you’re on the field and having a bad game, when you’re studying for a test and struggling to figure it out, or when you have another problem bubbling up in your life, remember this: it will never be easy, but you’ll learn and grow from it nonetheless.

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