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Monday Mindset: Be Where Your Feet Are

Monday Mindset: Be Where Your Feet Are

Brandon Guyer is a mental performance coach and former Major League Baseball player. The Guardian Baseball Mindset Collection brings many of his game-changing Mindsets to apparel.

During the Monday Mindset, Guardian Baseball and Brandon Guyer will be presenting a different Mindset every week to help you unlock your greatest potential. To succeed physically, you first need to win mentally.

Today’s Mindset: Be where your feet are.

What it means:

Don’t dwell on past mistakes or worry about the future. You can only change the present, so you must focus on the present moment while you compete.

Who it’s for:

“Be where your feet are” is particularly valuable for athletes that are too hard on themselves when it comes to making mistakes. Typically, these are athletes that hold themselves to an impossibly high standard and then are disappointed by falling short instead of excited by success. 

What it looks like:

Being where your feet are is a reminder to stay grounded in the present moment. Maybe you’re at-bat in the ninth inning and you’ve gone hitless today. Don’t dwell on the previous at-bats, only focus on the present. Stay grounded, stay focused, and be where your feet are. Don’t worry about the things you can’t change – make plays to win the game now. 

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